Hello! I am a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science at Emory University, and I expect to receive my degree in Spring of 2020. I study American politics, and my research and teaching focus on topics related to the politics of gender and race, interest groups and organized advocacy, legislative behavior, public policy, and state politics.  


Broadly, my dissertation examines the relationships between women's advocacy organizations and state legislators, making critical comparisons across descriptive and non-descriptive representatives. I find that women's issue lobbyists interact with female and male legislators differently and strategically to increase women's substantive representation across a wide spectrum of policy issues. I consider these strategic interactions as they influence campaign contributions, access provision, and legislative behavior to tell a comprehensive story about women's group influence, how descriptive representation matters, and how women's representation is possible even when the number of women in office remains low.  



In addition to my dissertation research, I also have projects on voter perceptions of descriptive representatives, campaigns and accusations of sexual assault, dominant group consciousness, and aggressive immigration policy. As with my dissertation, these projects utilize a wide variety of methodological approaches including large-n quantitative, interview-style qualitative, and experimental research designs. 


I graduated from Kenyon College with a bachelor's degree in Economics and a concentration in Public Policy in 2009. 


You can contact me at my Emory University email, ewiener [at] emory.edu.